Management Team

Tara Uzra Dawood is founder and President of the Dawood Global Foundation. Her passion is bringing the financial empowerment to women through financial inclusion, entrepreneurship training and recognizing top talent. She is a global speaker as well as on the Boards and overseeing committees of various organizations around the world particularly those focused on entrepreneurship and the upliftment of women and children. Having studied at Cornell University, Oxford University and Harvard Law School, she is now on a mission to educate 1000 girls in 1000 cities under the award-winning Educate a Girl project..

Muhammad Abbas is a multidisciplinary leader wearing different hats in the organization. His untiring devotion and hard work earned him a reputation of an important organizational asset. He single handedly handles overall financial matters for Educate a Girl, one of the most significant duties of him is to develop budgets for the short-term. monitor the organization’s cash flow, revenue and profits; ensuring that budget overruns do not occur. His diverse experience and applied knowledge have enabled him to take good decision and provide valuable advice at the time of need.

Mehwish is a creative sole of the organization; she constantly search for new ways of promoting and doing things that inculcates her creative behavior and so the organization’s strategy. In organization her role encompasses the achievement of marketing objectives and social media management as well as building the effective strategy of the organization for the future prospects. She extensively works to enhance the organization’s marketability and profitability by researching, identifying, and capitalizing on potential opportunities. She also sustains a rapport with supporters, partners and donors of the foundation.

Ammad Siddiqui is a true gentleman of the organization whose delighted nature and cultured behavior have always provided engaged our stakeholders with the highest level of comfort and satisfaction. He proficiently directs and oversees all aspects of organization’s recruitment, selecting, orienting and training of the candidates. He closely monitors the operations and communicate with participants in order to take know their feedback regarding the impact of each of the programme.

Naveed Memon is our savior; his ultimate presence of mind and capability to predict and analyze help us to prepare for any upcoming risk and uncertainty. He is responsible of predicting, identifying , analyzing and processing all the related market pressures and scenarios to advance the organization with best possible practices in order to mitigate possible risk situation.