The Dawood Global Foundation was launched in 2012 with three objectives – to help promote and impact Healthcare, Education and Sustainable Development through Social Enterprises globally.
Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, DGF works to help all people lead healthy and productive lives.
To build an educated, healthy and prosperous global society with dignity and honor for all people with a focus on helping women achieve top entrepreneurial, managerial and economic positions.


Promote quality education, healthcare and social enterprise with a special focus on women, minorities, youth, the disabled and the Environment through establishing and supporting institutions, including focus on all types of disaster relief, that ensure participation of vulnerable sections of society in the economy.
                                           We are believers of our core values. We strive to:
  1. Learn and Grow with fast pace world in order to be at competitive edge every time.
  2. Empowering each other by Inspiring each other with our own stories.
  3. Developing an unbiased world of opportunities and possibilities that will benefits our upcoming generations.
  4. Initiate a league of Girl Empowerment Advocacy and Support.