Boot Camp Overview

Join our 38 Credit Hours Boot Camp for Tech Women (Group A) and Home Chef Women (Group B) in November 2023!

Course Duration and Modules

The course spans 38 credit hours, featuring 18 joint credit hours.

Modules covered include brand development, pricing strategies, USP (Unique Selling Proposition), branding, registration processes, tax filing, trademark registration, sales/marketing techniques, applying for loans, attracting investments, E-commerce, and financial literacy.

Group A & Group B

Group A: This group aims to extend facilitation for two deserving Tech women, offering access to our incubation center.

Group B: Our goal is to support two worthy Chef Women, providing them with extended facilitation at our incubation center.

Stakeholder Partners

Women-owned SMEs nominated through LADIESFUND can apply for State Bank Women SME or YES scheme through our stakeholder partner, Bank Alfalah.

Join us in this transformative journey where women entrepreneurs can excel and thrive in the tech and culinary sectors. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable skills and support for your business aspirations. Enroll in our boot camp today!